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WordPress Websites for non-profits, small businesses, & creatives

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20+ Years Experience In Website Building

I’ve been building websites with my partner, Dave Kopecek, for over 20 years. There are plenty of DIY website builders available (WordPress included), but the tools can be daunting and most small business owners don’t have time to create a website from scratch. Usually there’s a daughter or nephew who promised to build one, but then they went off to college or got married or started a new job. Or maybe your current site is ancient and no longer maintainable. “Mobile-friendly” wasn’t even a thing back then. This is where I come in. Many of my clients come to me with nothing more than a favorite color, a few photos, and maybe a logo. And all of them have been pleasantly surprised with the results.


Creepy YA Novels for teens (& adults who still like a good scare)

Cover of YA novel The In-Between by Barbara Stewart
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Praise for The In-Between by Barbara Stewart

“This may be Stewart’s first novel, but she exhibits a practiced skill, keeping events ambiguous enough to have readers guessing throughout… A most intriguing book and debut.”
—Kirkus (starred review)

“Barbara Stewart presents a bold new voice in teen fiction.
—Barnes & Noble

“Creepy and addictive, Barbara Stewart’s The In-Between left me with both an acute distrust of what my eyes see, and an overwhelming fear of falling asleep. This psychological thriller definitely thrilled me.”
—Jodi Meadows, author of the Incarnate trilogy

“Barbara Stewart’s The In-Between is terrifying, in the best possible way. Keeping all the lights on and reading in the daytime won’t save you from goose bumps and shivers.”
—Tiffany Schmidt, author of Send Me a Sign

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